As Spring finally shows itself in Melbourne, we start to dream of Summer days by the beach and in the sun.

Everyone starts to work harder on their beach body, and while summer bodies are usually made in winter it's never too late to put in a bit of extra effort to look the best you can this summer.

For us it means more walks with Spartacus in the park, getting as much incidental cardio that we can and soaking up those beautiful Spring rays!

Of course it's also a time to remember to look after your skin, and with that we can definitely help you. 

Have a great week
Anthony & Chris

Another fun filled day at Sephora Australia's new store in Macquarie Centre. Thanks so much Greg & Mike for being such amazing Lqd Ambassadors! Love working with you guys Thanks also to all the guys who have dropped in to say hi and see what all the fuss is about! Hopefully we'll be coming soon to a store near you.

Anthony & Chris

Lqd - Liquid Skin Care for Men's photo.

So before you comment on this post, please make sure you've read the previous one, as otherwise you will miss the point of this comparison.
I've had a lot of guys message me asking for a follow up on Chris's week 2 progression.  In a way I didn't want to put it up, as to be honest it is even better than we could have hoped for, and the last thing we want to do is give people false hope of what can be achieved quickly.
I'll say it again for those who may not have read Part I - This is not what the normal person can expect to achieve in 2 weeks, but for someone who has recently been in photo-shoot shape like Chris was, it demonstrates how quickly you can turn your body around.
Now to be clear, this was after 9 days intensive training, massage and dieting, as well as continuing to train, re-feed and diet. All up it's 2 weeks of hell.
Besides the fact he's now hairless and tanned, I think anyone can see the 3kgs difference between the two photos.
It looks like by Monday, Chris will definitely be in photo-shoot shape for our new Lqd advertisement.
I'm so proud of his commitment and effort to achieve such amazing results in such a short time. Thanks to Rohan for his expert guidance and support to make sure Chris comes out Looking the Best He Can!
Chris really is the epitome of what our brand stands for.

Lqd - Liquid Skin Care for Men's photo.