If you follow our Lqd page, you would know that Chris & I are the face of our own brand. It is part of the honesty we like to present as we are the guys trying our best to live up to what we preach.

Tonight I’d like to let you know a bit more about us, as quite often all you see is us as semi-naked guys in the gym or on the beach, like this photo here.

Well believe it or not, we both have professional backgrounds. I originally studied Science at Melbourne University with a major in Organic Chemistry, before jumping into the world of marketing for the next 20+ years!

Over this time, I’ve worked with a lot of multinational brands in a lot of countries, and regardless of the product or category there are always lots of compromises you have to make along the way. Chris spent his life in Finance and has worked for both large multinational & boutique investment banks.

The great thing about having our own business is we don’t have to make the compromises we’ve previously had to in large businesses. When it comes to our brand we can build it the way we want – it reflects our love and passion for fitness and when it comes to our skin care products, we are able to produce the best possible products we can – i.e. no penny pinching board, no accountant looking over our shoulder, and no manufacturing manager trying to cut costs.
What we don't do, is hold up unrealistic 20 year old models and say this is how you should aim to look, or make any outlandish claims about what our products will do for your skin, apart from helping you look the best you can. It's the reason we use ourselves in our advertising and marketing. I'm 47 and Chris is 36, so we are no spring chickens!
We also know our products are amazing, but more importantly so do our customers, and it’s better to hear from them how great they are, than from us.
Our aim has always been to produce a simple but effective range of products that are simply great for your skin and deliver that message to you in the most honest, engaging and entertaining way we can.
If we manage that, then it means we can continue without compromise, and that in the end is our main aim! Have a great week ahead – Anthony & Chris
Photo Credit - Luis Rafael (Unedited Proof)
Lqd - Liquid Skin Care for Men's photo.
It's one of those dreaded moments, just before that big date, you get the most enormous pimple the world has ever known. As you stare at it in the mirror, it just seems to get bigger and bigger! I'm sure we've all been there.

That's now in the past. With our new Blemish control, not only will it destroy the bacteria, but it will also reduce the redness as well.

I remember growing up, we used to put alcohol on pimples, well, thankfully skin care science has advanced since then, even if most of our competitors still use alcohol in their products.

Our Lqd blemish control uses Salicylic Acid to stop the infection/bacteria in it's tracks, and then calms the skin down with our award winnning ingredient Symsitive 1609 (the active ingredient in our calm) which reduces the redness and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) which acts as a anti-inflamatory for the skin as well as reducing sebum (oil) production.

And to make sure we keep the skin as healthy as possible and stop it from drying out, we include our special cocktail of Aloe vera, Bisabolol, chamomile and cucumber.

So not only will it clear up pimples within a few days, it is also great for reducing pore size around the nose, clearing up ingrown hairs, and clearing out both whiteheads & blackheads as well.

If you are wanting to look the best you can, reach for the Lqd BLEMISH control
This is a question Chris & I get asked all the time.

For us, we incorporate fasted cardio into our morning routines, for 45 mins, 5-7 days per week. There is a lot of debate in the fitness community about whether fasted cardio is any better for you than non-fasted, or Steady State Cardio vs. High Intensity Interval Training, but we’ve tried multiple methods and for us, fasted SSC works the best for maintaining muscle and reducing fat. 

We also find that doing HIIT causes a much greater level of fatigue on both the nervous & muscle systems, which reduces our ability to follow up with a weights session on the same day at high intensity.

Every person is different, so if you’ve found a method that works better for you, use it.
The latest research into fat oxidization suggests that ingesting carbohydrates in the hours before exercise will raise insulin and subsequently suppress fat oxidation by up to 35%. This effect of insulin on fat oxidation may last as long as six to eight hours after a meal, and this means that the highest fat oxidation rates can be achieved after an overnight fast. Also, the ideal intensity levels for Fat oxidation are between 60-75% VO2Max while increased intensity above 75% actually reduces fat oxidation levels.
To increase the amount of fat oxidation, we also supplement with 500mg vitamin C, 200mg Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 and 1g of Acetyl L-Carnitine, immediately before doing cardio.
So, whatever methods you choose, do your research first and don’t just follow the latest FAD, and also evaluate what works best for you.
Here's a pic of Chris this morning walking Spartacus and getting our cardio in at the same time.
Lqd - Liquid Skin Care for Men's photo.